Stretch Goal


My goal is to add solowork to a song


This is my goal because I am efficient at drums, guitar, keyboards, and songwriting, so I feel that I am ready to get into the studio at last.


I already have all of the guitar parts written, and I plan to get other people to play bass and drums on the record. I also plan to write and perform vocals myself.


“Uncle” Ben Eller’s Weekend Wankshop┬áis a weekly Youtube series to teach me more things about the guitar that I didn’t know about before. I am also taking lessons from Kevin Wyer, so he can teach me more as well.


By December 1st, I want to have rhythms and lead harmonies memorized and a solo outline.

By February 1st, I want to develop a proper solo.


By May 1st, I want the solo memorized.


I am drawing inspiration from only 2 bands: AC/DC and Metallica.