Stretch Goal 2: April 2020

The Stretch Goal

By April 30, in collaboration with my soon-to-be freshman brother, I will have completed the Holistic Songwriting series to give me the ability to write MIDI files for 6 out of the 12 songs on my upcoming album, The Torch.


I want to achieve this Stretch Goal for 2 interconnected reasons: 1) It allows me to have a backing track for when I eventually record the songs for the album that will 2) create a portfolio for Musician’s Institute, which is a college that I’m looking to enroll in.


I will map out each part for the song, section by section, in MIDI files with Garageband.


I will do this whenever I am not occupied by other schoolwork, or whenever else I can.



  • Currently done are the MIDI files for 18SevenD5, COVID Blues (feat. Ceder Blue), Memories, and The Call Before the Storm.
  • By Wednesday, April 22, I will have the MIDI file for Coast City Boy done.
  • By Wednesday, April 29, I will have the MIDI file for Sleeping Giant done.

Inspirational Figures

As you may have seen from my Stretch Goal Page, my main inspirations are AC/DC and Metallica. But there are more than just them. On a lesser scale, I was also inspired by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Five Finger Death Punch, and Brad Paisley.

The Files


COVID Blues (feat. Ceder Blue…eventually):


The Call Before The Storm:

Documentation 1 (April 22, 2020)

This week was very productive. As I finished writing the drums and guitar MIDI files that were started, my brother gave me his advice on the bass part and how he would play it. All of that done and I still had enough time to get started on Sleeping Giant. I even finished mapping the MIDI part for guitar!

Coast City Boy:

Documentation 2(April 29, 2020)

Sleeping Giant:

This week was more productive than the last week. Not only did I finish the Sleeping Giant MIDI file, I finished the MIDI file for the song Minotaur as well. Once again, my brother helped modify the bass part, while the guitar and drum parts remained untouched.

NOTE: Most of the MIDI files have spaces in them for guitar solos. All songs will also have lyrics, they just aren’t MIDI. I didn’t include guitar solos into the files for 2 reasons: 1) I didn’t want to spend 3 hours mapping out a guitar solo that 2) may or may not be what is actually recorded.

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